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Inside a West Hollywood Spanish Revival

A look inside a West Hollywood remodel by Los Angeles designer and contractor Justin Krzyston. The cottage is complete with gated privacy and beautiful mid-century lines.


24 Housewarming Gifts for Your Host or Hostess

Twenty-four housewarming gifts for your host or hostess that are better than a candle or a bottle of wine. For the cook, the beer lover, the decorator, the tech nerds, the socially responsible, and more.


It May Be Easier to Save Money in Manhattan Than in Memphis

A recent study shows that while some homeowners are able to put away a healthy share of income each month, others incur a deficit of hundreds, and renters in the same cities may be stacking a debt not easily overcome.


Where & How to Buy Original Art for Your Home

Our favorite places to buy original art online, plus expert tips from art advisors and artists on how you can score beautiful pieces for your home at a great price.


Galley Kitchens:
Design Ideas and Configuration Tips

If you’re designing a new galley kitchen or looking to remodel an existing one, we’ll show you how to maximize your space for the most beautiful and efficient layout.


13 Walk-In Closet Ideas

Though your walk-in closet may be small, there are still ways to give it character. Here are 13 walk-in closet ideas that will help you declutter clothes and accessories, maximize storage space, create a more efficient layout, and transform the look and feel of your space.


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The Best Morning Routine for Your Health: A Medical Opinion

Set up your days for success by ensuring your morning routine is as healthful as possible. From sleep and exercise habits to meals and meditation, here’s a doctor’s opinion on crafting the best morning routine for your health.


How to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Place: A Medical Opinion

Coming home should be the most stress-free part of your day. We talked to Dr. Carrie Barton, director of Dell Medical School’s Creativity for Resilience Program to understand simple and effective ways to make our homes a place where we can destress and unwind.


How to Create a Learning
Environment in the Home

Creating a learning environment in the home can encourage active learning among children and foster the development of important cognitive, social, and motor skills. We’ll show you how to establish a physical learning space and provide tips on ways to encourage learning outside of school.


A Guide to Buying the
Best Shower Filter

Shower filters remove harmful elements like chlorine and chloramine from your water and can reduce dry skin, irritation, and hair loss. View our guide to the best shower filters of 2018.

Peaceful man sleeping in bed at home in the bedroom

Which Sleeping Position
Is Best For You?

Ever wondered if there is a best sleeping position for you? House Method profiles the pros and cons of each position and gets a medical opinion on the matter.


The Best White Noise Machine for Productivity

We tested the Marpac Whish white noise machine in our office to see how it affected our productivity and kept us focused during the day. Here’s what we found.

Home Maintenance

Home Safety

The Complete Guide to Childproofing Your Home

The complete guide to childproofing your home room by room. Everything you need to know about keeping children of all ages safe in and around your home, patio, and yard. Make sure your household is happy and healthy.

Home Safety

Pet Safety Guide: Pet-Proofing & Emergency Safety at Home

How to pet-proof your home room by room and how to prepare and handle an emergency. In this exhaustive guide, we address all steps you should be taking to ensure your dogs, cats, and other animals are kept safe, happy, and healthy in your home.


The Low-Waste, Minimalist Home: An Interview with Jess with Less

An interview with Jess with Less. She talks to us about what a low-waste, minimalist lifestyle means to her and the simple swaps we can make in our own homes that can get us closer to responsible consumption.


How to Vacuum: The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide on how to vacuum with insight from experts at Dyson, Miele, Roomba Stanley Steemer, and more. We'll address how to pick the right vacuum for you, how to make the most of attachments, how to care for your floors, and even how vacuums work. But ultimately, we'll answer the question: Is there a right way to vacuum?


Best Bathroom Cleaners of 2018

We’ve reviewed the best bathroom cleaner solutions, accessories, chemical-free options, and DIY recipes to keep your bathroom fresh and clean. Check out our 2018 bathroom cleaner guide.


How to Clean Blinds (All Types)

Dirty blinds can harbor dust, pet fur, and other allergens that affect the indoor air quality of your home. Learn how to clean blinds quickly and effectively with this step-by-step guide.


How to Organize a Closet
When You Don’t Have One

How do you organize a closet when you don’t have one? We talked to Katy Milton, design consultant at SF California Closets, a premium and luxury space management firm, and got her advice on how to organize belongings with limited closet space.


How to Save Energy During the Summer

Making simple energy-efficient changes to your home can save you from paying hefty utility bills this summer. Beat the heat, practice environmental responsibility, and lower your energy bills with these 11 home upgrades.


Best Ways to Conserve Water at Home This Weekend

We’re all using more water at home than is necessary. Here’s how you can change your habits and conserve water at home.

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