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The Low-Waste, Minimalist Home: An Interview with Jess with Less

An interview with Jess with Less. She talks to us about what a low-waste, minimalist lifestyle means to her and the simple swaps we can make in our own homes that can get us closer to responsible consumption.

Real Estate

Is Home Staging Worth the Investment?

Is home staging worth the investment? We talked to a couple of CORE real estate agents and asked their advice on what the home staging process looks like and if it really works.


Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

Form and function, meet design. With such little space in your apartment, balance is important to create a space that is both efficient and useful. Here are our top decorating tips for apartment dwellers, room by room.

Real Estate

What It Means to Be in an Overvalued Housing Market

CoreLogic reported nearly 50% of the nation’s 50 largest markets are overvalued, but what does this mean for buyers and sellers in the market right now? We talked to Mark Chin, CEO of Keller Williams Tribeca and Adam Taylor of BOND New York to find out.


7 Most Unique Lighting Brands for Your Home

Adding a unique light fixture to your home can instantly make it more stylish. From glistening chandeliers that illuminate your dining room to modern light sconces that serve as wall décor, here are seven lighting brands worth considering.

Home Tech

How to Use Your iPhone to Get Better Sleep

We explore three tools you can use with you iPhone that can help you fall asleep more quickly, sleep longer and get better, more restful sleep when you do hit the hay.


7 Nursery Décor Ideas

Are you tired of the traditional pink and blue nursery and wanting to personalize your newborn's room? From soft colors to statement walls to personalized artwork, here are seven nursery décor ideas for your home.


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Sleeping on the Floor:
A Medical Opinion

Medical professionals and Paleo enthusiasts have conflicting opinions when it comes to the benefits of sleeping on the floor. To get to the bottom of this debate, we talked to a resident expert on sleep and back pain clinical director and compared the pros and cons of this sleep preference.


9 Home Tech Devices for
a Healthier Home

What if we told you that technology could actually promote health and wellness in the home? Here are nine tech products for a healthier home.

Home Tech

The Best White Noise Machine
for Ugly Sleep

We tested the Marpac Dohm white noise machine to see if we could finally get that drooling, lines-on-the-face kind of deep sleep. Basically, we wanted to wake up looking like we had been in a Whitesnake video.


Sex Around the Home: The Most Popular Locations for Sex Outside the Bedroom

Sex outside the bedroom can inject a healthy dose of excitement into a relationship, but for married and cohabitating couples, how much sex really takes place elsewhere? We take a closer look at where sex takes place in the home outside the bedroom and what that means for our sex life and relationship satisfaction.


The Basics of Baby Sleep: What to Expect During the First Year

New babies bring serious joy, but they can also bring serious sleep woes. Knowing what to expect when it comes to baby sleep—as well as a few strategies—can make the difference between sleep deprivation and sweet dreams. From self-soothing to sleep training and how parents can get some rest too, here’s what you need to know.

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